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Take advantage of technology

Do you present your company in the internet and operate on international markets? Don’t limit yourself to German and English. Speak the languages of your target groups! In the mother tongue of your target audience, your message is even more convincing.

24 different languages: be internationally successful

Your website and your documentation in German, English, French and Spanish? Or perhaps Russian, Serbian and Finnish? Our native-speaker translators ensure your professional translation.

Typo3, Joomla, webEdition: take advantage of technology

Website translation in Joomla Website translation in Typo3 Website translation in webEdition

Multilingual, multimedia communication is our core competency. Your advantage: not only do we speak the languages, we are also technological experts. One website, many languages - we implement the necessary modules, we enter your translations in your system.

Jecaro: and the world understands you!

Talk to us. Budget-oriented, transparent and completely without complications for you, we implement your multilingual solution for your website or shop. Even for technically complex projects. The world is increasingly growing together. Grow with it.

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Jecaro extends its range of services

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Relaunch of
Our new website is online.

Perhaps it is not noticeable at first glance, since the colours are the same. However, apart from... » more...

Sysfilter Pack

The filter programs prepare texts which have been saved in various software programs so that they... » more...

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